One of the healthiest way for children to learn is through play.  Yes, I said play.  Children learn math skills, language skills, social development skills, physical development skills, and emotional skills through play.  I know as a parent it is easy to look at your child playing with blocks and think they are just building.  Honestly they are learning so much more.  They are learning counting, colors, seriation (order), sizes (smallest to largest or largest to smallest).  Does your child play in a kitchen area?  Look at the math skills they are learning...measuring, counting, money, life skills (just like mommy or daddy does), mixing, ordering and serving (language and people skills).  These are just a couple of ideas, so please think of your child learning rather than JUST PLAYING.

Here is what you can expect from my program

I offer Creative Curriculum as a part of my program.  Creative Curriculum is an open ended research based curriculum used along with Illinois Early Learning Guidelines and Illinois Early Learning Developmental Standards to develop our curriculum. 

On going assessments as well as developmental screenings (ASQ3) are provided and results are shared with the family.

If your child has special needs I invite you to share the child's IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan)/IEP (Individual Education Plan) with me in order to best educate your child.  If the child has allergy I require additional information in order to keep your child safe from their allergens.


Potty Training: 

This is typically by individual child and their signs of readiness.  I prefer this to be a non-stressful event in your child's milestone.  Typical schedule would be after arrival, after breakfast, before or after snacks, before we go outside, before or after meals and before or after nap. 


This is a huge event in a child's life.  I suggest visits to the school prior to attending the school.  reading books about going to school and talk positively to your child about going to school.  I try to take the children up to our local elementary school to view such events like Holiday Concerts, or plays put on by the students.  This offers the opportunity for young children to see what might be offered when they attend their new school.


Communication is extremely important.  I prefer face to face communication at drop off or pick up, however, I am readily available either on my home phone or cell phone.  I do receive text messages, however I may call for clarification.  Sometimes tones or information can be lost in a text message and I might call for clarification.  I offer a newsletter with upcoming events.  I have a facebook page that information can be found on as well.  I do check my email often as well so you can email me too.  I also have at least events 3 times a year (Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner, Parent Appreciation Breakfast and Christmas Party).  I offer ongoing monthly support such as A resource binder for families, lending library as well as events coming up in the community.